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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

First Step: Introduction to R

Hi everyone...

Being a student of data analytics the first baby step one takes is getting familiar with R. Lets begin with defining R (source: Wikipedia)

What is R???

R is a programming language and a software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of OS like Linux, Windows and Mac OS. It is basically used for data analysis... 

 How to install R in your machine???

 R console is like command prompt, where you can write and run R commands. You can  write and save your commands in a script file with extension .R and you can later run  the script in console. This will give you the feel of writing programs and running it. But if you are a fan of IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) and you are more inclined towards development and experimentation then installing R console only will not serve your purpose. In that case, you need R studio. 

R studio helps in many ways. You can think R studio as "genie".  You wish, it fulfills... We will see why is R studio important.
  1. Here is the link to download R Console in your machine.
  2. Now that you have installed R Console you need to install R studio as well for smooth and smart experience. Get R Studio 
What after installing R???

Major part of this post is almost done.
Now you can learn basic R commands from
This is a very beautiful website from where you can learn basic R commands easily. They have 7 Chapters each focusing on a different concept in R. 
Sign in with your existing accounts and you are ready to go...

Well this brings me to end of this post... My next post will be something related to the title of the blog. And by that time I expect that reader will find some interest in completing  the chapters from the site mentioned earlier.

Happy Learning...


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